Private Procurement Law and Procedure Lawyer

Private Procurement Law Firm Italy – IBL Network provides qualified advice and consulting services, concerning the legal aspects of private procurement procedures, advising its clients during the negotiation and execution phases in addition to assistance during any out-of-court, court or arbitration based disputes. It provides specific assistance in the juridical management of the awarded contract and, therefore, relations between the contractor and the client, and between the contractor and its suppliers and consultants.

Legal advice in detail:

Our legal team specialised in private procurement procedures focuses on:

  • ¬†contract management from the development of the initial phases through to the drawing up and finalising of the specific contracts (preliminary, contracting, sub-contracting, procurement, consultancy contracts etc.);
  • technical-legal advice on the contract management during the execution of works through to the final testing phase, including any work claims or disputes, drawing up all the necessary documentation (worksite, progress, end of works, work dispute statements and declarations etc.);
  • court, out of court and arbitration based disputes regarding all aspects of the contract. The client is advised during the phases prior to a court or arbitration based dispute with an evaluation of the costs and benefits involved, comparing the court-based prospects with any out of court solutions that may be feasible. This latter approach allows the client to minimise costs.
  • training, with the objective of providing the juridical/practical instruments and proficiency required to handle all work relations with all the parties involved in the management of private procurement contracts with a higher level of expertise and professional skills. A correctly implemented problem handling procedure decreases margins for error, contributing to the rationalisation of the work performed by the company’s collaborators and consequently decreases corporate and claim related costs.

The provided service is not simply an advice on how to solve already emerged problems, but it is also a great support on how to prevent legal disputes from their arising and promotes the qualitative growth of the company: intended to train its collaborators, to improve internal procedures already in place and to draw up suitable contractual material.

Now, more than ever before, enterprises require professional advice and consultancy services to guide them in their search and realisation of best practices in corporate governance.

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