Family Law, Marriage and Minors

Family Law Firm Italy – IBL Network offers consultancy and legal support in the field of family law, supporting clients for all issues linked to marriage, separations, divorce, changes of separation and/or divorce conditions, assistance to “de facto families” and minors.

Legal activity in detail

Our Family Law, Marriage and Minors Lawyer deal with issues involving the family and its problems, such as separations (mutual or judicial) or divorce (judicial or joint), and child custody, which may be shared or sole, changes to the conditions of separation and/or divorce.

As regards the family, the lawyer can assist couples in knowing their rights, duties or in defining cohabitation agreements and procedures for custody of children born to unmarried couples (more uxorio), thus not bound by the link of marriage.
A very delicate area of consultancy relates to mediation activity aimed at settling amicably conflicts between spouses; preparation of an application for mutual or judicial separation, change of conditions of separation, allocation of the marital home, child maintenance, spousal support, dependant’s pension, issuance and revocation of passport, separation with assisted negotiation.
As regards divorce: consultancy, mediation activity in order to avoid, insofar as possible, conflicts between the spouses in relation to the dissolution/termination of the civil effects of the marriage, preparation of joint application (i.e. agreement between the spouses) or litigation relating to the dissolution/termination of the civil effects of the marriage; change of conditions; child maintenance and/or former spouse support; one-off agreements, dependant’s pension, right to severance pay, issuance and revocation of passport, divorce with assisted negotiation.
Finally, in the case of cohabitation: management of financial and personal relationships and regulation of the termination of the cohabitation-child maintenance.

Separations and divorce: our style

Professional and personal experience demonstrates that, for many couples, separation and divorce represent a traumatic and very difficult experience signifying the failure of an important relationship. This can be less painful if the parties are assisted by lawyers who seek in every way to limit disagreements, focusing on achieving the result but safeguarding the individual, the personal and human aspect and protecting, above all, the children and the interests of the latter, seeking a dialogue with the counterparty and his/her defence lawyer.
Often, after a long “fight” in the courtrooms, an agreement is reached that, with goodwill and good advice from lawyers, would have been achieved much earlier, with lower personal and economic costs.
Therefore, in relation to separations and divorce, the professional approach and style of the professionals at IBL Network is often aimed at attenuating the personal disagreements between the ex-spouses to achieve in rapid timescales and with limited costs (both financial and emotional) satisfactory agreements that give guarantees of peace and tranquillity for the parties involved – the spouses and, above all, the children – achieving the purpose by persevering on the human aspect and the sensitivity of individuals.
Our experience in managing numerous separations demonstrates to us that the lawyer can often help the client to separate in a less expensive and painful manner, best defending and determining the interests of the client but without uselessly aggressive, or, even worse, ethically incorrect, legal actions.

 Family Law Firm Italy: Additional expertise and services

In addition to the expertise cited above, the team of lawyers at IBL Network assists clients for other issues including:
– recognition of marriage celebrated abroad
– recognition of foreign separation and divorce in Italy
– child custody
– spouse and child maintenance
– cohabiting agreements

 Family Law Firm Italy: the CVs of IBL Network’s professionals