ADR, Mediation Law 

ADR Mediation Law Firm Italy – IBL Network boasts a legal team expert in providing support and advice to businesses in the field of commercial intermediation contracts, i.e.: mandates, agencies, mediation, consignment, commission and business procurement.

Legal activity in detail

Our team of lawyers expert in intermediation contracts is able to assist its client companies in defining, drafting, negotiating and revising any type of commercial intermediation contract, working to prevent conflicts and in judicial disputes in that regard, with particular reference to the following contract types:
– agency and sub-agency contracts: regulation of obligations and liability of the principals, and agents and sub-agents with single mandate or multiple mandates, commissions, exclusivity rights, representation, dissolution, severance indemnity (FIRR), client expenses indemnity, severance pay, compensation for damages;
– mandate contract with or without representation: protection of rights of principal and agent, fees, revocation, waiver and extinction;
– mediation contract and contract mediation: regulation of obligations and responsibilities of business mediator and other contractual parties, commissions, representation;
– consignment contract: agreements on obligations of recipient and sender, on methods of delivery and transfer of ownership; on withdrawal and any return of goods;
– commission contract: protection of rights of principal and dealer, commissions, credit operations, revocation, extinction of business procurement contract: regulation of obligations and responsibilities of principal and procurer, commissions, termination.

ADR Mediation Law Firm Italy – legal support 

The lawyer expert in intermediation contracts represents:
– enterprises operating in the commercial or tertiary and mechanical engineering sectors
– mass distribution companies
– advertising companies
– agents, brokers, commissionaires and business procurers exercising activity in the form of enterprises and individually
– insurance brokers
– real estate brokers
All clients are provided with personalised extrajudicial advice and judicial support resulting from extensive twenty-year legal experience accrued successfully in favour of leading companies in the business sectors identified above.

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