Employment and Labor Law 

Labor Law Firm Italy – IBL Network has a qualified group of lawyers with excellent know-how and significant experience in the field of Employment law. Our lawyers expert in employment law have gained strong experience working alongside private enterprises, large companies and multinationals.

Legal activity in detail

The labor law lawyer provides assistance and consultancy to Italian and foreign companies, in every stage of the employment relationship:
• in the contracting phase, with the drafting of letters of recruitment and employment contracts for managers, executives, employees, consultants and collaborators, with the possible inclusion of non-competition and loyalty clauses for high level professionals or other special clauses;
• in the implementation phase of the relationship, with the preparation of letters of transfer, changes of duties, secondment – even abroad – of personnel, payment of bonuses and/or allowances over basic pay, etc., drafting of company regulations; as well as, finally, the conclusive phase of the relationship, preparing letters of dismissal or termination and/or any mutual termination agreements of the working or professional relationship.
In particular, the advice on employment law is offered both in relation to subordinate employments contract and with reference to any other employment or professional relationships, such as contracts with managers, fixed-term contracts, coordinated and continuous collaboration contracts, consultancy contracts and contracts for professional work, etc.
Again in the extrajudicial field, the activity of assistance and consultancy also relates to the management of staff redundancies, mobility procedures and collective dismissals, company transfers and, in general, reorganisation and restructuring processes.

Extrajudicial activity: dispute resolution

Extrajudicial activity: dispute resolution

Trade Union Law

In the field of trade union law, the support offered by the employment law lawyer extends to the negotiation and/or drafting of collective company contracts or trade union agreements, to the participation in consultation and information procedures and the respective trade union negotiations, to the management of relationships with trade union representatives in company transfer and restructuring procedures.
The consultancy activity offered by our network in the field of employment law also relates to agency relationships and to every connected issue.
In the litigation phase, the support is provided in every stage of justice and before the Judicial Bodies of the whole national territory.
The Employment Law lawyer of Milan also provides activity in the field of litigation on social security and insurance matters, dealing with the preparation of administrative appeals, challenges of administrative penalties and assistance in the respective litigation and provides support in the case of inspection audits and relationships with Entities and Institutions.

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