Corporate Criminal Law 

Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 – Workplace prevention, safety and accidents

Corporate Criminal Law Firm Italy – Criminal law increasingly permeates business activity, not only with the aim of repressing unlawful conduct but also to dictate “guidelines” and behaviours through a complex system of rules. Compliance with those rules, as well as preventing disputes of criminal nature, constitutes good practice to be able to improve the organisation and efficiency of the business with beneficial economic implications.

With increasing frequency, the law requires and demands that the company actively attempts to prevent crimes, both of malicious nature (e.g. crimes in relation to the Public Administration, bribery, money laundering, tax violations) and of involuntary nature (e.g. violation in relation to workplace prevention and safety, in relation to the environment) having for that purpose issued specific rules such as Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001.

In that context, IBL Network’s lawyers provide assistance to help companies and individuals in delicate decisions, thanks to a relationship of constant consultancy and support. They are also able to perform effective defensive activity in those cases where the company or those operating on its behalf are, unfortunately, subject to criminal proceedings or criminal-administrative proceedings such as those in relation to workplace accidents or environmental protection.

Corporate Criminal Law Firm Italy: Legal activity in detail

The activity of IBL Network’s criminal lawyers is performed in favour of both companies and individuals who are employed by or occasionally collaborate with the latter (legal representatives, consultants, employees, etc.).

The assistance is provided both for typical crimes of the business activity and for those known as common and relating to both the preventive (compliance) phase and the criminal-administrative proceedings, and for fully-fledged criminal proceedings in all their stages (investigations, preliminary hearing, trial, appeal and Cassation) across the whole national territory.

IBL Network’s lawyers have contributed to drafting important and complex organisation and prevention models pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, to preparing risk assessment documents pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree. 81/2008, to drafting codes of ethics and to preparing delegations on workplace prevention and safety. They are members of Supervisory Bodies and are engaged in all courtrooms across Italy in the defence of its clients where they have achieved successful results in trials relating to workplace accidents, criminal complaints pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, asbestos, medical liability and bankruptcy, etc.

We also deal with the criminal protection of trademarks and insurance with injunctions, seizures and appearances as civil party.

To make a correct assessment of the concrete situations, we usually go to the company sites rather than asking clients to travel to our offices.

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